Abortion in Northern Ireland

31-05-2016 15:00
Women in the UK can have abortions. Women in Northern Ireland cannot. Northern Ireland has a strict abortion law. Women cannot have...


One year ago: FIFA’s six men arrested

Six men come to Zurich, Switzerland. They have a meeting there. They stay in a hotel. Police come to the hotel. They arrest ...

Hangover-fighting ice-cream

31-05-2016 07:00 A supermarket in South Korea sells a new product. It is a...

Bats in Australia

30-05-2016 15:00 This news is from New South Wales in Australia. More than...

Woman hits a police car

30-05-2016 07:00 This news is about a young woman. She is 23 years old. She...

Videos in Levels 28-05-2016

28-05-2016 12:00 This is the best video from the last week for Level 1....

Hot air balloon in Australia

27-05-2016 15:00 This news is from Australia. A hot air balloon is in the...

Incident at the White House

27-05-2016 07:00 A man walks to the White House in the USA. He is in his...

Egyptian Airlines flight MS804

26-05-2016 15:00 This news is about the Egyptian Airlines flight MS804. It...

Obama in Vietnam

26-05-2016 07:00 Obama goes to Vietnam. He is there for three days. He is on...

2,000 pigeons with lights

25-05-2016 15:00 People think that pigeons are not beautiful. Many...

Robots in our lives

25-05-2016 07:00 Robots are part of our lives. In the future,...
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