Superhero Window Cleaners

22-07-2016 07:00
This news is from England. Some children are in hospital. They are sick. Three window cleaners want to make the children feel better...


One year ago: New type of swimwear

The Chinese like pale skin. They think that it is pretty. They do not like dark skin. Women want to have pale skin, but they...

Prisoners Save a Guard

21-07-2016 07:00 This happens in Texas, USA. Some prisoners are at...

Sloth comes to a Town

20-07-2016 07:00 This news is from Peru. A man owns a business. He comes to...

Coup in Turkey

19-07-2016 07:00 In Tukey, almost 200 people die and over 1000 are...

Anger in France

18-07-2016 07:00 This news is from France. There was an attack on people in...

Hippos in Russia

15-07-2016 15:00 Hippos are aggressive, easily scared and very...

Giant Marshmallow Man

15-07-2016 07:00 There is a new “Ghostbusters” movie....

People look like the sea

14-07-2016 15:00 Hull is a city in England. The city is...

Euro 2016 in Paris

14-07-2016 07:00 France is hosting the Euro 2016. France plays against to...

Another Olympics in Sochi

13-07-2016 15:00 This news is from Sochi. Thousands of people come to the...

Pigs are saved

13-07-2016 07:00 This news is from east China. It rains a lot there. The...
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