Marathon in North Korea

24-04-2014 07:00
There is a marathon in North Korea. It is special. Foreigners can be in the marathon. There are people from 15 different countries...


Sad panda watches TV

23-04-2014 15:00 Here is some news from China. It is about a panda. The panda...

Man above a river

23-04-2014 07:00 This story is about a Frenchman. He does something...

Baby seal is lost

22-04-2014 15:00 Here is some news from Sweden. A baby seal is lost. It gets...

Woman robbed on camera

22-04-2014 07:00 This news is from Brazil. A person from a TV show films a...

Giraffe has new friends

21-04-2014 15:00 A giraffe is born at a zoo in California. He is born on...

Six-year-old girl is saved

21-04-2014 07:00 A boat sinks near South Korea. A six-year-old girl is lucky....

Special calculator

19-04-2014 12:00 Hello students, When you know 3000 words, you will...

Rat scares people

18-04-2014 15:00 Here is some news from New York. A person films a scary...

You can see through a car

18-04-2014 07:00 What does a see-through car look like? Would you like to...

Amazing football juggler

17-04-2014 15:00 A man sets a new record. He is from Moscow. He gives a...
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