Teenager steals an iPad

31-08-2015 15:00
A child is in a salon. His mother works in the salon. He is waiting for her. He has an iPad. He is playing games on it. A teenager...


Two journalists are killed

31-08-2015 07:00 This news is about two journalists. They are American. They...

North and South Korea

28-08-2015 15:00 Two South Korean soldiers are at the border with North...

Plane crashes in England

28-08-2015 07:00 This news is from England. There is an air show. A pilot...

Pandas in Washington

27-08-2015 15:00 Giant pandas live in central China. Around 1,600 pandas...

Volcano in Ecuador

27-08-2015 07:00 Cotopaxi Volcano is in Ecuador. This volcano is active. It...

Shark and a seal

26-08-2015 15:00 Great white sharks can be 6 metres long. They can be 2...

First women rangers

26-08-2015 07:00 In the USA, there is a school. This school is for soldiers....

Thousands of dead fish

25-08-2015 15:00 This news is about a lake. The lake is in Mexico. It is...

Planes with drugs

25-08-2015 07:00 People produce cocaine in Peru. They send the cocaine...

Putin in a submarine

24-08-2015 15:00 Vladimir Putin is the Russian President. He is in...
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