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We offer all companies with quality product or services an opportunity to advertise with News in Levels. There are several ways you can promote your company via our channels:

1) Sponsor's Story

Tell a story of your product or company to our readers. We can write the story for you in three English levels and publish it on our homepage. See example.

  • High engagement: By reading your story, 180,000 unique visitors (a month) can learn more about your company and improve their English at the same time.
  • Repeated message: Students can read your story several times in various levels of difficulty in order to improve their comprehension skills.
  • Video: A video promoting your company can acompany the text.

2) Banner Ads

Increase awareness of your brand or product. Place a banner ad on the homepage and next to the articles.

  • High reach: News in Levels has more than 2,500,000 pageviews a month.
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3) Email Ads

Target students even before they come to our site. Every working day, we send a digest of latest articles. You can place a short ad at the end of it.

  •  Reach 36,000+ subscribers every day (growing quickly)

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