Tigers and a dog – level 1

02-12-2016 15:00 In Germany, there are two little tigers in a safari park. Their mother leaves them. Their names are Peach and Pearl. A dog in...

Small nice animal – level 1

01-12-2016 15:00 A woman has a beautiful hedgehog. The woman films it. The video is very nice. It is on the internet. A lot of people like this...

Monkey likes goats – level 1

25-11-2016 15:00 In China, there is a goat farm. A farmer can see a baby monkey. The baby monkey makes friends with the goats. It rides on their...

Elephant paints pictures – level 1

22-11-2016 15:00 Shanti is an elephant. She paints pictures. One picture costs 2000 dollars. Some people pay the 2000 dollars for one picture. Shanti...

Dog Yoga in Japan – level 1

22-11-2016 07:00 In Japan, 136 people do something special. They do yoga with their dogs. They want to break a record for the biggest dog yoga...

Dog Is Saved in Italy - level 1

10-11-2016 15:00 A dog is under a house. The house is in Italy. People want to save this dog. They use another dog to find this dog. They are very...

Turtles in the Amazon - level 1

09-11-2016 15:00 People put thousands of small turtles into large containers. These turtles are in Peru. There are about 17,000 of these turtles....

Special video of a snow leopard – level 1

08-11-2016 15:00 In nature, it is very difficult to see a snow leopard. One photographer filmed a snow leopard in China. The photographer saw the...

Kung Fu Panda – level 1

07-11-2016 07:00 In China, a man sees a panda. It is snoozing. He goes up to it. He touches its head. The panda wakes up. It runs towards the...

Oldest Orangutan – level 1

01-11-2016 15:00 Johor is a state in Malaysia. It gives Australia an orangutan. This is in 1968. The orangutan is 60 this year. It is the oldest...
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