Mother Whale Helps Baby – Level 1

26-10-2016 15:00 In Australia, a mother and baby whale are swimming. Suddenly, the baby whale gets stuck. Its tail is tangled in a shark net. It...

Scorpions on Nails – level 1

24-10-2016 15:00 Nail art can get extreme. In Mexico, there is a new trend. You can have a scorpion on your nail. One scorpion costs $3. Scorpions...

World’s Oldest Panda – level 1

21-10-2016 15:00 This news is about a panda. She lives in Hong Kong. She is 38 years old. That is around 114 in human years. The panda becomes ill....

Starlings in Denmark – level 1

18-10-2016 15:00 This news is from Denmark. Starlings flock together every autumn there. They look for rest and food. Then they go south in the...

Shark and Diver in a Cage – level 1

17-10-2016 15:00 Cage diving is a popular tourist attraction. People get in a cage and they watch sharks around them. A group of people cage dive in...

Young Whale Helps Its Mum – level 1

12-10-2016 15:00 A whale goes into shallow waters. She is with her calf. She cannot move. This happens in Australia. The calf tries to help her. It...

Kitten Is Saved – level 1

12-10-2016 07:00 This happens in Singapore. A kitten is in danger. It is on a ledge. It is 12 floors above the ground. Somebody sees the kitten. This...

Animals in Peru – level 1

11-10-2016 15:00 This news is from Peru. A group of people sell animals. They have around a 100 of them at home. Forty of them are puppies. They are...

Giant Pandas – level 1

04-10-2016 15:00 Great pandas were endangered. China tries very hard to help the pandas. They help them have babies. Twenty-three pandas are born....

Snake Bites a Man – level 1

30-09-2016 07:00 A snake enters a school. The school is in India. The snake is big. It is non-venomous. People take the snake away from the...
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