Mother Whale Helps Baby – Level 2

26-10-2016 15:00 In Australia, a mother and humpback whale calf were swimming in the ocean when the calf’s tail became tangled in a shark net. The...

Scorpions on Nails – level 2

24-10-2016 15:00 Nail art sometimes goes to extremes, but this trend could be something even a little dangerous. Customers in Mexico can now have a...

World’s Oldest Panda – level 2

21-10-2016 15:00 In 1999, people gave a panda to Hong Kong and she lived at Ocean Park. This year, she was 38 years old. That is around 114 in human...

Starlings in Denmark – level 2

18-10-2016 15:00 Every year in autumn, migrating starlings flock together in Denmark. They look for rest and food on their way south for the...

Shark and Diver in a Cage – level 2

17-10-2016 15:00 Cage diving is a popular tourist attraction in countries with shark-infested waters. Some people went cage diving off Mexico's Baja...

Young Whale Helps Its Mum – level 2

12-10-2016 15:00 In shallow waters east of Brisbane, a humpback whale was stranded. She was with her calf which tried to help her. It tried to push...

Kitten Is Saved – level 2

12-10-2016 07:00 In Singapore, someone saw a kitten on a ledge of the 12th floor in an apartment block. The person there called rescuers. It was not...

Animals in Peru – level 2

11-10-2016 15:00 A group of vendors in Peru were selling animals in catalogues and on public roads. Peruvian authorities entered the group’s house...

Giant Pandas – level 2

04-10-2016 15:00 This year, twenty-three pandas were born in a breeding centre in China. The public recently saw them for the first time. It is very...

Snake Bites a Man – level 2

30-09-2016 07:00 In India, a python entered a school. Officials came and removed it from the school. After removing the snake, people wanted to take...
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