Russian Medallists – level 2

29-08-2016 15:00 Because of doping scandals, only 287 of 387 Russian athletes were allowed to compete in Rio. People banned the whole track and field...

Usain Bolt at the Olympics – level 2

24-08-2016 15:00 Usain Bolt won the Olympic gold in three events at three consecutive games. The third gold was in a 4 by 100-metre relay. Jamaicans...

Fiji’s First Medal – level 2

19-08-2016 07:00 The Pacific nation of Fiji won its first Olympic medal in Men’s Rugby. The team did an amazing job. It beat Great Britain 43-7 and...

Olympic Games in Brazil – level 2

15-08-2016 07:00 Brazil celebrated its natural beauty, history and culture at the Olympic Games’ opening ceremony in Rio de Janeiro last Friday....

Euro 2016 in Paris – level 2

14-07-2016 07:00 France is hosting the Euro 2016, and it played against to Portugal. At half time, the score was 0-0, and people lit mopeds and cars...

Another Olympics in Sochi – level 2

13-07-2016 15:00 Thousands of choral singing fans came to the Black Sea resort of Sochi. The 16th Olympics of choral music are happening there. The...

Big Wave Tour in Mexico – level 2

04-07-2016 07:00 Twelve surfers successfully took on the giant waves of the “Big Wave Tour Puerto Escondido Challenge” in Mexico and advanced to the...

Messi retires – level 2

30-06-2016 07:00 Lionel Messi announced his retirement from international football. This came after Argentina was beaten 4-2 by Chile in the Copa...

International Yoga Day is here – level 2

29-06-2016 15:00 June 21st is International Yoga Day. 30,000 people in India did yoga on that day, and one of them was the Indian Prime Minister,...

Fans at Euro 2016 – level 2

21-06-2016 15:00 Thousands of football fans continue to arrive in France for the Euro 2016 tournament. There were scuffles between England and Russia...
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