Massacre in Syria

07/06/2012 17:20
This footage shows graphic images of the latest massacre in Syria which has killed dozens of... Read more

The internet

02/06/2012 15:01
This video is from the comedy The IT Crowd. Jen knows nothing about computers and boys decide to... Read more


In this section, we present real native English speakers videos. These videos are for Level 3 students. It means that they are for intermediate students. We also write what you hear in the video so that you can check if you understand all.

It can be difficult for you to understand at the beginning. It is better to watch and listen to the video many times until you understand everything. Remember that you need to hear or say every word about 5 times or more before you really understand it and are able to use it in real life conversation. Here you can train your ears every day until you are perfect. We also recommend that you go to the older videos and check if you still understand.

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Something's wrong, the video doesn't play...(apple iPad2)


Re: Video

interesting video!!!more comfortable i felt when i see this video


Re: Re: Video

oh no,it need to go straght back to big ben.so fun
she known nothing about the internet so she think that it interested


Re: Video

I am sorry. I don't know why you cannot play this on Apple iPad2. Is it only this video or all of them?

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