Tattoos at Work – level 3

27-09-2016 15:00 A concilation service warned employers that they could be missing out on top staff because they are rejecting candidates with...

New Phone Boxes – level 3

22-09-2016 15:00 Britain's red phone boxes might not be used for their original purpose anymore in an age of smartphones, but one company is giving...

Map of Milky Way – level 3

20-09-2016 07:00 The European Space Agency's Gaia satellite is in the process of assembling the most detailed 3D map ever made of the Milky Way...

Moon Hits Cars – level 3

19-09-2016 07:00 A giant inflatable moon caused chaos on the streets of Fuzhou, China. The balloon broke free in high winds caused by the approach of...

Acid Attacks on Women – level 3

16-09-2016 15:00 Eleven years ago, then just 15-year-old Laxmi, had a proposal by her friend’s 32-year-old brother. She told him no. Ten months...

From India to Britain on Solar Power – level 3

15-09-2016 15:00 A solar-powered tuk-tuk has completed a 9,978-kilometre journey from India to Britain. This has been a childhood dream of one Indian...

World’s Tallest Bridge – level 3

14-09-2016 15:00 A suspension bridge in China is set to be the tallest in the world. It towers 565 metres above the valley floor. The Beipanjiang...

Utopia in London – level 3

13-09-2016 07:00 People can now see thirty-seven different countries’ interpretation of utopia in London as part of London's Design...

Chocolate Expert – level 3

12-09-2016 07:00 Taste buds are as important to Cadbury, a world-famous chocolate brand, as legs are to a top footballer. The company has had one of...

Big Sandcastle in Germany – level 3

09-09-2016 15:00 What happens if your childhood summer dream like building sandcastles gets bigger and bigger as you grow up? You build a 14-metre...
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