07-10-2017 12:00

Hello students, We have a website for...

19-01-2018 15:00

On Saturday, January the 13th, Hawaiians received...

19-01-2018 07:00

One-year-old panda twins Fu Feng and Fu...

18-01-2018 15:00

A pickup truck lost control at a...

18-01-2018 07:00

At the age of 46, Dolores O’Riordan,...

17-01-2018 15:00

A plane from Turkey’s capital of Ankara...

17-01-2018 07:00

At the CES in Las Vegas this...

16-01-2018 15:00

Just days before Pope Francis was scheduled...

16-01-2018 07:00

Travelling to New York City can be...

15-01-2018 15:00

In Bath, England, a nail salon used...

What is Level 3

Level 3 is for advanced ESL (English as a second language) students. It is not simple English anymore as in Level 1 and Level 2. In this level, we use 3000 most important words in spoken English. We write every word which is from a higher level in bold type. When you practise reading and listening at this level every day, sooner or later you can know 3000 most important words in English and you can be able to understand native speakers.

How to improve your English with News in Levels: 


  1. Read all today’s articles and translate all words which you don’t understand.
  2. Read the articles from the day before and see if you remember all new words.


  1. Listen to all today’s news.
  2. Stop the video after every sentence and repeat the sentence.
  3. Repeat point 2 for the news which you listened to the day before.


  1. Answer the questions under today’s news and write them into the comments.
  2. Chat in our Facebook Group for at least 2 minutes. You can write about today’s news.


  1. Choose one person from the SKYPE section.
  2. You can talk about today’s news or you can answer questions from  http://www.newsinlevels.com/questions/

If you want to know how to learn English effectively, please visit www.englishrestart.com.