Best pirate – level 2

15/07/2011 17:17

Henry Morgan (1635-1688) was one of the most famous pirates of the Caribbean. He came from Wales. But for a long time we had no evidence of his journeys. But this year scientists of Texas University found six cannons which are maybe Henry Morgan’s cannons! They found them in Northern Panama, where Henry Morgan and his ship went under water in 1671.

“Every student learns about Henry Morgan at school but we didn’t have anything from him. If these are really his cannons, they are the first in the world,” says the archaeologist.

The story of Captain Morgan is full of blood and killing. At first England knew about his actions and agreed with them. Later Henry Morgan himself terrorized Spanish colonies in the Caribbean. His worst action was his attack on Central American town Panama. He almost completely destroyed this place. He was sent to the prison by the English people. Two years later English king Charles II. Stuart (1630-1685) freed him and made him a boss of Jamaica.

Written by Hana

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