Video camera – level 3

03/06/2011 10:37

It is said that this is the most funny video on the internet from makers of hidden camera movies. A lot of young Japanese people have agreed to do something funny in the street. The goal was simple. They wanted to find an unknown person and show him the power of a crowd. It is very funny but it is also interesting to see how people react if they meet the crowd of people who do the same thing. Every situation in this video is a little bit different but victim of the hidden camera usually does what the crowd wants. The typical example is the lady in the last video. She is walking and thinking about her life. She knows that she wants to walk but some guy shouts, “Sit down.” And the lady also sits down but she doesn´t know why.

The quality is not so good but not so bad either. But the content is so funny that it is good to watch it. We hope you will enjoy watching it.

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