Bible – level 2

15/05/2011 17:43

This is an interesting conversation. It is between two Christians. Christians are people who believe in Jesus Christ. We don’t use this video because we want to speak about Christians. We use this video because it can help you understand English better. We hope you will like it. This is the text:

Hey, guys (people). I am a Christian.

I am a Christian too.

I’ve got a really big study Bible, a multicolour WWJD bracelet and the latest Superchick album. Now, you said you are a Christian too.


Well, where is your Bible?

I’ve actually got one right here in my pocket.

You keep your Bible in your pocket?

Yeah, it’s a nice little one (little Bible). If it’s in my pocket, it’s cool.

You don’t look like a Christian.

I am.

You are not even clean shaven.

Do you have to be clean shaven to be a Christian? My faith (belief) defines (show) when I am as a Christian, not my outer (outside) appearance (clothes and hair). 

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