Dogs – level 2

29/06/2011 22:51

Some dogs are very special dogs trained by people. After difficult training they are used to help people. Where are these dogs used?

1. In nature. Somebody goes outside and later cannot find his way back. The dogs find him and people from the team help him. Good dogs can work outside for 4-8 hours without a break.

2. After catastrophes. People are in a big house when an earthquake comes. The house falls down and people are under it. The dogs can find them, alive or dead.

3. After somebody’s death. The police need to find a body after a murder. They use dogs to find the body.

4. In the mountains. There is a lot of snow in the mountains. Sometimes the snow falls down and there are people under it. The dogs must find them very fast before they die under the snow.

5. In water. Somebody goes swimming but cannot swim very well. He gets into problems and needs help. SAR dogs jump in the water and take him to the land.

The training is very difficult and long. The dog is about 8 weeks old when the training starts and it takes about one year before the dog can start working. Special training can be longer. There are a lot of organisations for training these dogs in the world.

Written by Hana

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