First cinema – level 1

19/04/2011 22:55

Thomas Alva Edison made the first film camera in the world. It was in 1891. But it wasn’t something special in his eyes. He didn’t pay 150 dollars for an international patent. And so the Lumiere brothers from France used his idea. They made his idea better. They made a new film camera – cinematograph. This new machine made films but it also showed films to many people in one room. On Friday 22nd March 1895, 35 people saw the first film in the world. They saw workers how they went out from the Lumiere factory after work.

People loved the film very much. But the film wasn’t something special for the Lumiere brothers. They didn’t want to sell the film camera. Georges Melies wanted to buy the film camera. But the Lumiere brothers didn’t want to sell it. They didn’t think the film camera was good for business.

The Lumiere brothers weren’t the first people who made a film camera. But they were the first people who showed film to many people. They made the first cinema in the world. 

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