How to have a fast computer

22/03/2011 11:11

Nobody likes to have a slow computer.

Every second or third year, we buy an expensive new PC and love how fast it starts, works with programs, and downloads things from the internet. But after some time, it starts to slow down. Why is this? The answer is simple and you don't need to be a computer professional to understand why it is and how to repair your computer.

The good news is that your computer hardware is not the problem. The problem is with your PC's software.

The problem starts to begin when you have new programs or games on your computer. Your computer gets a lot of new information and uses it. But when a new program or game is deleted, this information usually stays on your PC.  And when you work with your computer, it tries to work with this information but, because the program or game is not there, your computer has a problem. Your PC is doing a lot more work than it should be and the result is a much slower computer.

But the help exists. There are programs you can find on the internet which will help you with this problem. 

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