I don’t want a mobile – level 2

19/06/2011 13:28

This is a story about people and their mobile phones.


I’m in a bank. I want to open a new bank account. They are asking me questions about my name, address, job, and my mobile phone number.

‘I don’t have a mobile phone,’ I say.

‘Really? But everybody has a mobile!’

‘No, I don’t have a mobile phone. I don’t like mobile phones. I can tell you why:

A man is going for a trip in the mountains. He falls and breaks his leg. He needs help but there is no signal in the mountains. He can’t call for help.

I’m waiting for my friend at a railway station. Her train comes but she isn’t there. So I’m waiting and waiting, and then I try to call her mobile phone from a telephone box. No answer. After one hour my friend comes and we look at her mobile phone. The battery is finished.

We are in the restaurant. Somebody is calling my friend’s mobile phone. She’s talking and talking. After a long time I pay and leave the restaurant.

I’m in the cinema. The film is very good. But the woman next to me has a mobile phone. Her mobile phone rings and she starts talking. I can’t hear the film. I can only hear this woman.

So I don’t have a mobile phone, I don’t need it and I don’t like mobile phones.’

The bank manager understands.

Written by Hana

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