Koran protests – level 2

03/04/2011 17:29

The protests in Afghanistan continue. The protests are because one man destroyed a Koran in the USA last month.

On Friday, 14 people, including seven UN staff, were killed after the protests.

US President Barack Obama said that it is "terrible" and the man who destroyed the Koran is "intolerant and fanatical".

Ten people died and more were injured on Saturday.

Hundreds of people demonstrated again on Sunday. One person was killed and 18 injured in Kandahar city. Smaller protests were also in other cities. In one city hundreds of demonstrators blocked a road for three hours.

The problem started in Florida on 20 March 2011, when Pastor Wayne Sapp started fire to a Koran and destroyed it.

The protests started on Friday, when protesters demonstrated in the UN office. Some demonstrators were killed by UN employees but the demonstrators were stronger. They took weapons from the employees and killed four Nepalese men, a Norwegian, a Romanian and a Swede.

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