Poker last night – level 2

16/05/2011 23:49

This is part of a comedy. It is about two friends. One of them played poker last night. They are talking about it. This is the text.

So, how was your night of poker with the boys?

Yeah, good, good. I mean (think) I didn’t... I wasn’t brilliant at the start because, you know, I was mostly vomiting (my food went out of my mouth). But then I knuckled down (I worked hard) and I brought my A game (best game) and things got a lot better.

Good, how much did you win?

No, no, I lost 200 pounds. But it’s less than I usually lose.

Still 200 hundred pounds though (but).

But listen to this. Dan let me off (didn’t want money from me). He just totally let me off. Proper (real) men are so cool. They just don’t care about money.


Where is my fucking money? I want my money. Give me my money.

Yeah, yeah, really?

I am only joking...

You are funny.

Roy, listen...

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