Tornado took a dog – level 2

28/05/2011 12:03

This story is about a dog who was taken away by one of the Alabama tornados at the end of April. His name is Mason.

The tornado took him very far and he broke both of his front legs. Two weeks later he came back home. The veterinary doctor says that it is the most traumatic (crazy) survival story which they saw. He had to crawl (go on a belly) on two broken legs to get home.

This video will be difficult for you. You will understand only some words. But it is interesting. Try to understand the concept. This is the text of the video.

Oh, this poor little guy (man). A little dog carried (taken) away by one of the Alabama tornados somehow made it (came) back home with two broken legs two weeks later.

Mason was in his owner’s garage when the storm blew (took) him away. They couldn’t find him. And look at him. Two weeks later he showed up on their porch (front door). The vet (veterinary doctor) says it is the most traumatic survival story that they have seen (saw).

They (legs) have not been (were not) able (possible) to be in alignment (straight) so neither (none) one of them have healed. So he had to crawl on two broken legs to get home.

For an animal to go in (what) he has gone (went) through and not to be ugly, to be, you know, happy for human companionship (contact) is remarkable (amazing).

Well, Mason is now recovering (getting well) at an animal shelter (house) while (when) his owners try to rebuild. They don’t have any order (place) to keep the little guy. 

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