Tyrannosaurus – level 2

28/04/2011 23:17

Tyrannosaurus was a large predator which lived 65 million years ago. It was 12 metres long and 6 tons heavy. The teeth of the Tyrannosaurus were about 16 cm long. It killed animals but also ate dead animals killed by other predators. The first Tyrannosaurus bones were found in 1902 on the North American continent. This is the text for the video:

The mother is caught completely by surprise.

(surprise = something new)

The Ankylosaurus has a very little brain inside its reinforced skull.

(reinforced = strong, skull = bone around a brain)

So when faced with danger, it reacts automatically and aggressively.

(faced with = meet)

Normally Tyrannosaurus would retreat but she will not abandon her young.

(retreat = go back, abandon = leave)

The blow has cracked the mother’s femur and ruptured her internal organs. She limps away in agony.

(blow = hit, cracked = broke, ruptured = broke, limps = goes slowly, agony = pain)

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