Wonderful tonight – level 1

22/05/2011 19:39

This is a beautiful song by Eric Clapton. Eric Clapton was born on 30 March 1945. It was in England. When he was born, his mother was only 16 years old. His father was 24 years old. He was from Canada. He went back to Canada before Eric was born. Eric lived with his grandmother. When he was a young boy, he believed that his grandmother was his mother and his mother was only an older sister. His grandmother’s last name was Clapp and some people had an idea that Eric Claptons’s real name is Eric Clapp. After some years Eric’s mother met and then married one man. Again he was from Canada. She started to live in Canada with him. And Eric lived with his grandmother in England.

When he was 13 years old, he got his first guitar. But it was difficult for him to play. It was not interesting for him. Two years later he tried it again. He liked it and he started to play more. Then he was very good and he wrote some fantastic songs.

This is the text of his song:

It's late in the evening
She's wondering (thinking) what clothes to wear
She puts on her make-up 
And brushes her long blonde hair
And then she asks me, “Do I look alright?” (“Am I beautiful?”)
And I say, “Yes, you look wonderful (beautiful) tonight.”

We go to a party 
Everyone (everybody) turns to see 
This beautiful lady 
Who's walking around with me
And then she asks me, “Do you feel alright?”
And I say, “Yes, I feel wonderful tonight.”

I feel wonderful 
Because I see the love light in your eyes
Then the wonder of it all is (it is very interesting)
That you just don't realize (see) how much I love you

It's time to go home now 
And I've got an aching head (pain in a head)
So I give her the car keys 
And she helps me to bed
And then I tell her 
As I turn out (switch off) the light 

I say my darling, you were wonderful tonight

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