A bird on a snowboard - level 3, A12

A bird on a snowboard - level 3, A12

18-01-2012 20:00

This video was shot in Russia. It is something unbelievable. A crow was on the top of a roof, took a piece of plastic, stood on it and went down the roof. It looked like snowboarding. Then the crow went up to the top and tried to go again, but it was on the other side of the roof and it wasn’t a good place for snowboarding. So the crow went to the other side and went down the roof again. The crow really enjoyed the snowboarding.

Crows are very clever. They are able to use different objects to get food. They have a very good memory and they are able to plan things in the future. They are more clever than most of other animals.

Scientists say that birds like crows are able to solve problems and use objects in a similar way as gorillas. Crows are even able to change the shape of objects to get what they want. They have logical thinking. They learn new skills from parents but they can also find new solutions by themselves.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

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