A boy met his mother after 25 years - level 3, A12

A boy met his mother after 25 years - level 3, A12

23-04-2012 11:00

A boy became separated from his family when he was just five.

One day in 1986, Saroo Brierley went by train in India. It was very late at night and he was very tired. He lay on a bench and fell asleep. He woke up 14 hours later in Calcutta, more than 700 miles from home. He couldn’t find his way back because he couldn’t read and write. He had to live on the street and later he was adopted by a family from Tasmania, Australia.

He liked his life in Tasmania but when he was an adult man, he wanted to know where he came from. He didn’t know the name of his hometown. But he had visual memories. He installed Google Earth map on his computer and started to look for his home.  He multiplied the time he was on the train, about 14 hours, with the speed of Indian trains and he got an area of about 700 miles from Calcutta. He started to recognize landmarks from his early childhood and he found a waterfall where he used to play. After 25 years he found his family and met his mother.

Written by Libor for News in Levels

Interesting words: recognize, landmarks.

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