A dog tried to help a dog - level 3, A12

A dog tried to help a dog - level 3, A12

17-04-2012 22:00

It is true that dogs are very loyal friends. They are very loyal not only to people but also to each other. A dog was hit by a car in California last Wednesday and stayed motionless on the road. His dog friend stayed by him in spite of heavy traffic and stood guard over him.

A passerby saw the dogs on the street, and put down traffic cones to alert other drivers. He called Animal Care for help.  Before they came, he shot a video of the pair, which shows the black female Labrador lying next to the yellow Labrador in the middle of traffic.

The black Labrador had no microchip and nobody was looking for her, so she was put up for adoption and somebody already adopted her on Sunday.

The story is very sad for the yellow Labrador which died after the accident.

Written by David for News in Levels

Interesting words: in spite of, guard, cone.

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