A lot of snow in Japan - level 2

A lot of snow in Japan - level 2

19-02-2014 15:00

The worst snow storm in decades has swept across Japan. Thirteen people were killed and more than 1,500 injured.

Thirteen inches (33 centimetres) of snow fell on one area, which was partly devastated by the tsunami in 2011. This is the heaviest fall in Japan in 78 years.

Some people couldn’t get to work. A lot of flights were cancelled or delayed. Getting to the centre of Tokyo wasn’t easy, either. More than 20,000 homes were left without electricity after strong winds took down power lines. Luckily, a thaw is expected soon.

Difficult words: sweep (move with a lot of force), devastate (destroy), thaw (period of warmer weather during which snow melts).

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