A lot of water in Hungary - level 3

A lot of water in Hungary - level 3

14-06-2013 06:00

Villages in Hungary have been evacuated as Central Europe's worst floods in over a decade hit Budapest. Some of the city's subway stations have closed and the prime minister has declared a state of emergency.

Forecasters predict that water levels will rise to as high as 8.86 metres, beating the records set in 2006. Residents have been using boats as transport trying to rescue what they can.

"In 2002 the flood almost came into the first floor and we learned to bear it. In 2006 the water did come in a little but at least no big damage was done. And this was what I fear the most."

At least eighteen people have died from the floods which have swept across Europe.

Interesting words: declare (officially say), bear (accept).

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