A new fantasy film in the cinemas - level 2, A11

A new fantasy film in the cinemas - level 2, A11

18-11-2011 23:00

There is a new film in the cinemas today. The film is part of a very popular Twilight Saga. Twilight Saga has four books written by an American author Stephenie Meyer. There will be five films about these books. The films are romantic fantasy films.

The main person in the books is Bella. At the beginning of the story she moves to a small town in the state of Washington. One of her friends at school is a very handsome boy, Edward. He saves her life and Bella starts to love him. But Edward sees that his family is dangerous for Bella. He leaves her and moves out of the town. Bella is depressed. Her friend Jacob tries to help her.

Later Bella saves Edward’s life and sees that Edward can’t live without her. They are together again. Edward wants to marry Bella. She says yes but life for her isn’t easy. Bella loves Edward but she feels that she also loves Jacob. It is very difficult for her. She has to decide for one of them. She decides for Edward and Jacob leaves the town very unhappy.

What will happen next? Go to the cinema and see.

Written by Hana for News in Levels

Interesting words: twilight, handsome, depressed, decide, happen.

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