A new film with Meryl Streep - level 2

A new film with Meryl Streep - level 2

14-11-2011 23:00

Meryl Streep has a new film. She will play Margaret Thatcher. The film’s name is the Iron Lady.

The film will be in the cinemas in January and it is a drama but when Meryl Streep showed the billboard for the film, there was a funny moment. The paper over the billboard didn’t want to go down but for Meryl Streep it wasn’t a problem and she took it down with her friend.

This is what Meryl Streep said in the video:

And I am happy to be here with my brilliant director Phyllida Lloyd and just stop and give you a preview of what you’ll be so sick of looking at all over London soon enough which is my face in the poster. Alright, so...we are all coming back in January when the movie opens...and there will be more then but thank you for coming out to see this.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: director, preview, sick, poster, movie, then.           

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