A ship catastrophe in Italy - level 2, A12

A ship catastrophe in Italy - level 2, A12

16-01-2012 20:00

There was a big tragedy in Italy. A big ship changed its usual way and went near land because the captain wanted to show the ship to local people. It was a big mistake because water wasn’t deep enough in that area. It hit rocks which made a 70 metres long hole in it.

The ship started to take water and it went to one side. People lost control. “It was like in a film”, one of the man said. “Plates were going down to the floor and they were breaking, people were running and falling down the stairs.”

Six people were killed and about 15 people are still missing. People had to stop looking for people who could be alive because the ship moved near a 37 metres deep hole under water and it can soon go under water completely.

The captain says that it wasn’t his mistake. He says that the maps were wrong and they didn’t show correctly how deep the water is.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: local, wrong.

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