16 best countries in Europe - level 1

16 best countries in Europe - level 1

15-11-2011 23:00

Next European football tournament will start in June 2012. It will be in two countries, Poland and Ukraine. If some European country wants to play in this tournament, it must first go from the qualification group. But if they can do it, the money for the team is really big. Every team in the tournament will get 11 million euros. It is a start bonus. But this isn’t all. If you get some points in the tournament, you will get more millions of euros. And more money will be from television and sponsors.

This all money can help young football players. This money will be for better stadiums. These countries can have new Messi or Cech soon.

The qualification was finished today. And these 16 teams will play in Ukraine and Poland next year: Ukraine, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, England, Russia, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, France, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Ireland and Portugal.

You can see a goal from the match between the Czech Republic and Montenegro in the video.

Written by David for News in Levels

Interesting words: tournament, qualification, point.

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