2,000 pigeons with lights – level 2

2,000 pigeons with lights – level 2

25-05-2016 15:00

People do not recognize pigeons for their beauty and some New Yorkers even call them “rats with wings”, but one artist tried to change people’s opinions.

He specially trained pigeons with lights on their bodies to circle the skies for 30 minutes. People turned up to watch the show, which will take place every weekend evening until June 12th in the Brooklyn navy yard in New York.

Two thousand birds flew in a tight space, so some people feared that they would be pooped on by the birds. The artist explained that most animals do not poop while they are exercising, but when they are relaxed and sitting down.

Difficult words: recognize (to know, to understand), opinion (what you think about something), navy yard (an area of land where naval ships are built and repaired).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

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