2,000 pigeons with lights – level 3

2,000 pigeons with lights – level 3

25-05-2016 15:00

Like a thousand shooting stars – it's a city already known for its bright lights. Now New York's been lit up by pigeons.

Yeah, they're not normally known for their beauty and some New Yorkers call them “rats with wings”, but artist Duke Riley's tried to change people's opinions with his Fly By Night project.

"As people move into the city that I'm from the city and I'm familiar with some of these traditions, sometimes they have, you know, they're not aware of it and, you know, and ignorant."

The pigeons are all specially trained and spent 30 minutes circling the skies above their temporary home, which is a decommissioned US navy ship, currently sat in the Brooklyn navy yard, and they were truly involved in the project.

"I think it's a collaborative project between me and the pigeons and, you know, you can ask them what their opinion is on and I don't want to speak for them exactly. Whether it's, you know, performance or, you know, some type of a, maybe it's just a drawing that they're doing in the sky, you know."

Crowds did turn up to see the first of the displays – these pigeons will be taking to the skies every weekend evening until June 12th.

"As a bystander of many pigeons in my life, I like to see them so illuminated and trained."

"It's really an incredible spectacle."

With 2,000 birds flying in such a tight space, there were some fears people would walk away with a so-called “good luck charm” on their shoulder.

"You know, most animals don't really, you know, including humans, usually don't like to defecate while they're exercising, they usually try to do when they're relaxed and sitting down, you know."

Apparently, one or two people left with evidence that suggests that's not always the case.

Difficult words: decommissioned (not being used), collaborative (working together), defecate (to poop).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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