25 October 1415, Agincourt, France - level 2

25 October 1415, Agincourt, France - level 2

25-10-2011 14:00

The Battle of Agincourt was a big English victory in the Hundred Years' War. The English fought against the French. The battle was on Friday, 25 October 1415, near Agincourt in northern France.

The English had about 6,000 men, usually archers. Their leader was their king, Henry V. The French king, Charles VI, didn’t come to the battle because he was very ill. The French leader was Charles d’Albret. The French had about 36,000 men, which means they had six times more men than the English. But the English won. How was it possible?

The battle was in a very narrow part of land between two woods. It was raining and the ground was wet. The French horsemen couldn’t ride their horses. They had to walk. But they were heavy and the walking was very difficult and tiring for them. The English archers shot them easily. Only few English men died but the French lost about 10,000 men.

Later Henry V got married to the French king’s daughter. Their son was the next king of France.

Henry V was very famous. William Shakespeare wrote a play about him.

The song in the video is about this battle.

Written by Hana

Interesting words: fought, archer, mean, shot.

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