60 hours in water - level 2

60 hours in water - level 2

17-01-2014 06:00

A Taiwanese man was fishing on Friday when he was swept away by a large wave.

His wife knew that something was wrong when her husband didn’t come home at 5 o’clock, as he usually does. She called for help.

Her 42-year-old husband, who cannot swim, was holding onto a piece of wood for nearly 60 hours. When he saw some lights on the shore, he began to tread water in that direction and he made it there safely.

The man was taken to a local hospital for treatment, but he had to be treated only for dehydration.

Difficult words: sweep (move with a lot of force), tread (move legs in the water), dehydration (not having enough water in the body).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

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