80,000 bats in Australia - level 3

80,000 bats in Australia - level 3

18-12-2013 14:00

Commotion in the skies above north Queensland, as a colony of 80,000 bats are driven away by the sounds of horns, helicopters and gun blasts.

While many residents were pleased to see the back of the mammals who’d infested a local park…

“I’ve got feces coming down, raining in their yards, on their cars.”

“It stinks. It smells. Some days it’s that unbearable you just can’t open your doors.”

Others were concerned about the environmental consequences.

“They have no chance to fly off. They have no chance to save their babies. They’re just on the ground and they’re horribly injured and they could die.”

The council said it will continue the program for the next ten days to see whether the bats return.

Difficult words: commotion (sudden noisy activity), blast (loud noise), infest (be somewhere in large numbers and cause damage), feces (waste), unbearable (horrible).

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