Accident at Aberfan – Level 1

Accident at Aberfan – Level 1

02-11-2016 07:00

This happens 50 years ago. A village in Wales has a coal mine. The coal mine is on a mountain. A bad thing happens. An avalanche comes down from the coal mine. It covers places, including a school. There are 240 students in the school.

Two thousand people come to help. They put away the coal and rocks. They save some people, but 144 people die.
The people of the town have a big funeral. The Queen of England comes the next day.

The people investigate the avalanche. They make new laws to keep this from happening again.
Difficult words: coal (a black material which people set on fire), mine (a place in the ground where people get coal, gold, or other things from the ground), avalanche (material which quickly comes off a mountain), investigate (get information about something).

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