Accident in Russia - level 3

Accident in Russia - level 3

29-06-2015 07:00

Sixteen people have been killed and 11 more injured after a passenger bus collided with a truck full of bricks in Russia. The crash happened near the Siberian city of Omsk around 1,700 miles (2,736 kilometres) east of Moscow. Local police said a bus carrying workers from a nearby chicken factory drove on the wrong lane and collided with an oncoming truck.

Death rates from Russians’ road accidents are higher than in most Western countries. The country has gained fame for its erratic drivers with millions of people watching footage on YouTube of cars overtaking on blind corners, rear-ending each other and careering off the road.

Difficult words: erratic (unpredictable – you never know what a person or something is about to do), footage (video), blind corner (a street corner that you cannot see around as you are driving), career (to move fast and out of control).


Do you drive safely?

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