Accident of a baby elephant - level 3

Accident of a baby elephant - level 3

28-01-2015 15:00

A baby elephant has been rescued after it fell into an empty water storage pit after wandering into a village in China.

The adorable little calf was spotted by local residents in southwest China's Yunnan Province. They reckoned he fell in and was unable to escape the two-metre-deep pit.

While the baby elephant kept trying to get out, he just couldn’t, so the police were called in to give him a hand.

They shoved some earth into one side of the pit, making it easier for the elephant to climb out.

“Looking at the traces at the scene, it probably fell into it yesterday. Because it rained yesterday, the ground around the pit was slippery.”

After about an hour, the little calf finally got free and ran back into the nearby forest.

Difficult words: storage (a place where you keep something), pit (a hole in the ground), wander (to walk without thinking about where you are going), adorable (cute, lovely, beautiful), calf (a young animal), spot (to see), reckon (to think), give somebody a hand (to help somebody), shove (to move forcefully), trace (a sign which shows what happened somewhere).


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