Air show in Dubai - level 3

Air show in Dubai - level 3

17-12-2015 07:00

All eyes were on the skies in Dubai this weekend as the city provided a stunning backdrop for the FAI World Air Games. The event has only taken place three times and is known as the Olympics of air sports.

This year's event began on 1st December and saw 854 competitors take part in 11 sports and 24 disciplines, among those was the hot air balloon competition, won by Germany's David Strasmann.

“It was a big victory to win the Air Games but it was, for me, special because to be here, after the hard work of four years to come here. Yeah, I am very impressed about all around that – to see the other sports, and to fly over the Palm and to see the Burj Khalifa with the balloon. It was incredible.”

The Games came to a close on Saturday as fans were treated to a breath-taking air display.

Difficult words: stunning (amazing), backdrop (setting, background), incredible (unbelievable, amazing).


What do you think about this air sports competition?

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