Airplane Safety for Korean Air – level 2

Airplane Safety for Korean Air – level 2

10-01-2017 15:00

During a recent flight on Korean Air, a passenger attacked others. An American singer was on that flight. He said that he had to help deal with the passenger, as he felt that the staff was unprepared and did not know what to do.

Korean Air is now training all of its staff on when to use stun guns, ropes, and shackles. Before the staff was only allowed to use stun guns if a crew member or a passenger’s life was in danger. The Korean Air president said that the training for these situations should make the flights safer.

Difficult words: deal with (manage a difficult situation), staff (people who work somewhere), shackles (two rings which you put on a criminal’s hands).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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