Amazing meteor shower in China - level 3

Amazing meteor shower in China - level 3

04-05-2015 07:00

This beautiful time-lapse footage is the annual Lyrid meteor shower.

The stunning lights lit up the night sky over Changbai Mountain in northeast China's Jilin Province and was recorded by observers with stop-motion cameras. Those lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the spectacle found around 50 meteors visible per hour in the sky at midnight.

Meteor showers are caused when dust and other particles break off from an astronomical body and enter earth’s atmosphere on parallel courses.

The Lyrid meteor shower occurs in late April every year when the earth passes through the dusty tail of comet Thatcher.

Difficult words: time-lapse footage (video which was made by putting together many still pictures), annual (happening every year), stunning (amazing), observer (a person who observes – watches something), glimpse (a quick look), spectacle (a show), astronomical (coming from space), body (a thing).


Do you like to watch stars and meteor showers?

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