Amazon has a new system - level 3

Amazon has a new system - level 3

13-12-2013 14:00

Drones are generally seen in a bad light. More often on display at military hardware shows, but could they be about to save Christmas?

Well, eventually Amazon certainly thinks so--the online retailer currently testing a system to use drones to deliver packages, rather than targeting death and destruction.

And Amazon has put together a video to show us more or less how it’s supposed to work. Man sees skate tool online. Man wants it. Man orders it and pays for it. Man’s order’s sent to Amazon distribution center--a large warehouse where you really could hide the Ark of the Covenant. Now a man packages up the purchase in a yellow lunchbox. Then it’s off down the conveyor belt to a waiting drone which takes off and heads round to the customer’s house. They’re guided by by a GPS system and are expected to carry packages weighing up to five pounds (2.3 kilograms), an estimated 86% of the packages Amazon handles and to live within a ten-mile radius. But don’t get excited just yet. Amazon Prime Air, as it will be called, probably won’t become a reality for another four or five years. Or maybe just before the hover board. Of course it will have, if you have a big garden, or indeed a garden at all. And if you live in a flat, who knows. Amazon may encounter the same distribution problems as those faced by a festive fat man in a red suit when he realized you didn’t have a chimney.

Difficult words: drone (remote-controlled pilotless aircraft), retailer (business that sells something), the Ark of the Covenant (a very big box from the Bible), hover (fly), festive (cheerful).

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