An underwater surprise - level 3

An underwater surprise - level 3

18-05-2015 15:00

It's enough to chill you to the bone at first glance, but this skeleton discovery is not what it seems. Police in Arizona thought they were about to embark on a grim investigation when they received reports of human remains at the bottom of the Colorado River but on closer inspection, and much to the relief of emergency crews, the so-called remains were just two fake skeletons enjoying a tea party.

The discovery of the underwater bash came after officers received reports that a snorkeler had spotted human bones but they soon found the pair donning sunglasses and lounging in lawn chairs on the riverbed. One of the skeletons bore a sign reading, “Bernie living the dream in the river.”

Two divers have come forward to claim responsibility for creating the skeleton tea party. The pair apparently placed the skeletons named Bernie and Bernadette in the river in August 2014 for their own amusement. The county lieutenant is now hoping that the dive site will become a tourist attraction for the area.

Difficult words: chill you to the bone (to frighten very much), glance (to look quickly), embark (to begin), grim (serious), bash (party), snorkeler (a person who swims and breathes through a tube – a snorkel), spot (to see from far away), don (to wear), lounge (to lie in a relaxed way), amusement (fun), county (a part of a state), lieutenant (a police officer).


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