Andy Murray has a baby daughter - level 3

Andy Murray has a baby daughter - level 3

16-03-2016 15:00

Not only is he being kept on his toes, tennis champ Andy Murray is being put through his paces by his baby daughter Sophia Olivia.

“I guess that the scariest part for me, rather than exciting, was when I sort of left alone with her for the first time. That was when I sort of realized, OK, this is big, this is a big responsibility here...”

Waxing lyrical about his latest challenge of fatherhood, the Wimbledon winner discusses balancing being the number two-ranked player in the world with parenthood.

“Priorities do change. You know, my family’s the most important thing to me now, and trying to be a good dad, first and foremost. If it has a positive impact, fantastic, if it has a negative impact, that’s fine as well...”

Andy and his fellow Great Britain teammates, Dan Evans, Dominic Inglot, and of course, his brother Jamie, were hard at work training for their first round match of this year’s Davis Cup against Japan. 25-year-old Evans is replacing injured Kyle Edmund, who was part of the winning team in Belgium last year, and this year, pressure’s on to defend their title, after being the first GB team to win since 1936. But we have no doubt that Murry and Co. will ace it!

Difficult words: to keep on one’s toes (to move and to think quickly), to put through one’s paces (to be working very hard), wax (to talk or sing), lyrical (musically or with love), impact (when you affect/change something), Davis Cup (an award in tennis), Co. (short for “company” – people around you), ace (to do very well).


Do you think that the Great Britain tennis team will do well?

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