Anger in France – level 3

Anger in France – level 3

18-07-2016 07:00

It is a desperately sad scene now played out in France with desperately sad regularity. The flowers, the candles, the tears, so many tears, just this time in a different corner of this country.

The people of this sun-blessed city suddenly feel engulfed in a darkness of the terrorists’ making.

“Very, very scared. We always think that everything happens everywhere but not in our city. But when it happens to your home, you feel very touched directly.”

The presidential motorcade speed passed increasingly agitated crowds.

“There is anger here, undiluted anger.”

The screaming woman is furious at the lack of security, they believed, allowed the attacks to happen.

“There is no security. The forces of order, the police doesn’t act to assure the security of people, of tourists, of us who are living here. People are angry, yes, I think they’re angry.”

These are people who feel vulnerable and exposed and nervous, and every one of them is wondering when on earth it will all end.

Difficult words: play out (see), regularity (when something happens on a normal basis), engulfed (surrounded by), making (activity), motorcade speed (a large group of cars travelling together), agitated (nervous or upset), undiluted (strong and clear), when on earth (used to emphasize the emotion you feel when you speak).


What do think about this attack?

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