Angry Ukrainians hit a man - level 3

Angry Ukrainians hit a man - level 3

10-07-2014 07:00

This video shows the moment the governor of a Ukrainian town Khmelnytskyi was confronted and attacked on Wednesday.

An angry crowd pounced on Leonid Prus who was verbally and physically attacked by local residents.

Despite a police presence in the room, scuffles broke out and video footage shows Prus being hit and carried by the visibly unhappy crowd.

The crowds chanted "resign" as he stood amongst them, before the confrontation became a physical one.

Prus told the crowd he believed he was fulfilling his duties, but clearly residents strongly disagreed, telling him he’d lied to the whole region.

Prus was seen walking out of the office, with his jacket torn, as he managed to leave the building through the window, only to be cornered by more angry residents outside.

Difficult words: crowd (a big group of people), pounce (to suddenly move forward and attack somebody), scuffle (short fight), break out (begin), chant (to say something again and again), corner (to go to somebody and make them listen).


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