Animals and Christmas - level 3

Animals and Christmas - level 3

31-12-2013 06:00

It appears it’s not just us humans who like presents, baubles and tinsel at Christmas. These animals at a zoo near Santiago are also getting into the festive spirit after some welcome treats were delivered ahead of the big day.

For these jaguars, there were just too many presents to choose from and just like our little ones, it seems it was the box and wrapping paper that excited them the most.

Even the trees got a seasonal makeover but few of the baubles lasted very long once these Mali bears got wind that they were edible gifts in disguise. All part of the festive fun, says the director of the zoo.

“There are many elements incorporated into this game. It needs to break the box. Look what’s inside. It’s all something very entertaining for the animals and for the public in the Christmas environment of the zoo.”

At it seems none of the inhabitants where left out either, even the naughty little monkeys were rewarded with some sweet treats, all to the delight of some excited visitors.

“I think it’s good that they give presents to the animals because they’re looked after as if they were people.”

And after eating far too much and getting all excited, there’s nothing better than just lying back and chilling out. And who says animals and humans aren’t alike?  

Difficult words: bauble (decoration), get wind (learn), edible (can be eaten), in disguise (looking like something else), festive (cheerful), incorporate (include), inhabitant (person or an animal that lives in a particular place), naughty (a little bit bad).

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