Animals in the water - level 3

Animals in the water - level 3

16-06-2014 07:00

Dramatic rescue operations took place on Wednesday after torrential downpours and flooding threatened the lives of cattle and horses in Argentina.

Local farmers in the north of the country guided their cows, bulls and horses across a river to safety.

The animals can be seen swimming and wading through the water, as they were anchored with ropes to small boats.

Some needed special assistance or even a ride to get across the strong current.

Torrential rain has pummelled the region over the weekend, causing river water levels to surge. The famous Iguazu Falls was closed to visitors, as brown floodwater cascaded over the falls and obstructed walkways and viewpoints.

Difficult words: torrential (heavy), downpour (heavy rain), wade (walk through water), anchor (secure firmly in position), current (movement of water), pummel (hit repeatedly), surge (go up).


Do you have floods in your city?

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