Antelopes in a river - level 3

Antelopes in a river - level 3

09-08-2013 14:00

It happens every year, but the footage never ceases to astonish. The first herd of migrant Tibetan antelopes were filmed crossing a river on Sunday.

Every summer, Tibetan antelopes migrate thousands of kilometres to their breeding grounds in the Changtang National Nature Reserve to give birth. Tens of thousands of antelopes rested in grace before they crossed the river at around noon.

A bellwether took the lead at one PM and then around a thousand animals followed. However, dozens of antelopes suddenly gave up and turned back. It's believed there were predators waiting on the other side of the river.

Difficult words: cease (stop), astonish (impress), breeding grounds (place where they make babies), grace (peace), bellwether (leader), dozens (a lot of).

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