Anti-Valentine’s Day protest - level 3

Anti-Valentine’s Day protest - level 3

19-02-2015 07:00

A right-wing Hindu group in India has been protesting today against Valentine's Day.

Members of Bajrang Dal have been riding on motorbikes and harassing couples seen together in public places.

The group was seen approaching couples and even dealing out punishments, including forcing a man to do sit-ups.

In even more bizarre scenes, the group even staged a wedding between two dogs to illustrate their opposition before police finally intervened to break up the protesters.

Difficult words: right-wing (conservative, anti-change), Hindu (relating to Hinduism which is a religion), harass (to make somebody feel bad), deal out (to decide what kind of punishment somebody will get), sit-ups (a type of exercise to make your belly stronger), bizarre (strange), stage (to organise), opposition (being against something), intervene (to change something quickly).


What do you think about this protest? Is it appropriate?

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